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COVID-19 Response

Dear Friend, 

Your overall health and wellness is our highest priority. We appreciate the growing concern with COVID-19 within our communities. After evaluating the most current information and reviewing published guidelines, we remain confident in our ability to provide dental care in a safe and healthy environment at Riverview Family Dental. 

We are implementing the following additional precautions and recommendations to our patients  and team members in light of COVID-19.

1We recommend any patient stay home if they are experiencing COVID19 symptoms

-Use your best judgement. If you are sick, we are happy to postpone and reschedule your appointment. If you are uncertain, please call our office prior to your appointment

-If you 1) have traveled outside the U.S. in the past 21 days, 2) have been in close contact with someone who has traveled outside the U.S. or suspected/tested positive for Coronavirus, or 3) have a fever, cough, or shortness of breath, do not come to Riverview Family Dent scheduled appointment. Instead, please contact us for further instructions. 

2. We will maintain a clean and safe environment and continue to comply with our state dept. of health and CDC infection control guidelines. 

-We have standard protocols in place to disinfect all surfaces and patient contact areas. We sterilize or safely dispose of all instruments and products used during patient care. We utilize personal protective equipment(e.g. masks, gloves, face shields, lab coats) to keep you and team members safe. 

-Whether you have symptoms or not, please wear a face mask or face covering when you enter our office. If you do not have one, we will provide you with one. Obviously, it will come off while treatment is performed. Place it back on when checking out. We do not assume our patients have the corona virus, but there simply is not enough testing at this point to adequately know who are asymptomatic carriers. 

-We have reviewed our infection control practices, including proper hand hygiene. After completing your treatment, please be patient. The dental hygienist or assistant will ask you to wait a couple of minutes while they perform hand hygiene and change coats. They will then take you to the front desk to check out from your appointment. 

We have expanded and increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of all common areas and facilities. 

-We have temporarily removed items that pose risk for cross-contamination (e.g. magazines and books) from our common areas. 

We will be performing simple screenings upon check-in, including a questionnaire and checking your temperature. 

-Please no visitors other than the scheduled patient (and guardian with minor, or those providing special assistance) at this time. 

3. We will minimize your time in our lobby. 

We will call to confirm your appointment, even if you confirmed by text message. We will ask about current dental insurance information so that you do not need to spend time getting that to us at your appointment. 

-We ask that you remain in the parking lot until we call you to come in. When you arrive to our parking lot, call (509)884-7137 to let us know that you are here. We will call or text you when we are ready for you to come in. (Our call or text to you may come from a different number than 509-884-7137) 

4. We support a healthy work environment for our employees. 

We have requested our team not to be present if they are experiencing symptoms. 

-Our team is in regular communication to discuss changing needs and availability of staff. 

We are closely monitoring updates from the CDC, American Dental Association, state and local public health officials and will continue to seek guidance from these agencies. With new information, we will make the necessary adjustments to our operations. 

Thank you for your continued trust and confidence in the care you receive at Riverview Family Dental. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at (509)884-7137. We’re in this together and here to help! 

Dr. Andrew P. Johnson 

Once again, thank you for selecting our office.

We are excited to have the opportunity to serve your dental needs and look forward to seeing you. To schedule your appointment, please contact us at 509-884-7137 today.


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